A downloadable platformer for Windows

Play through 28 levels of classic arcade platforming
to save the moon from the big bad who wants nothing more than to ruin
christmas for everyone.

Install instructions

use winrar or 7zip to extract game to the desk top


SANTA n ELVIE[v0.0].rar 12 MB


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I'm guessing influence is definitely Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Islands, right? :-)

Hey, Mr MX. This looks like a really cool Xmas game. Can't play it native to Mac though so I'll have to wait until I get my Parallels updated to have a go. What dev system did you use to create it?

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built using a modded version blitz3d which seems to be more stable on win7,8 and 10 OS.

yep inspired heavley by those old arcade classics, mainely snow bros.