A downloadable game for Windows

TITLE: Prison of a broken doll

Author/Developer: 3MX DIGITAL[2018]

This game deals with various situations of child abuse.

Originally intended for a MSpaint game jam, it was decided it's best

to hold it back due to it's themes and content and continue with it
at a later date.

Install instructions

extract from archive intallation;

Use winrar or 7zip to extract (Prison of a broken doll) to your desktop


Prison of a broken doll.zip 59 MB


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Amazing game.  Congratulation.  Also, love the title.

Im humbled.

I tend to veer away from game's akin to these due to being terrible at flushing out characters and writing  a solid story.

built as more of an interactive PSA, hopefully with minimal bug's.

your welcome, and thanks again.

You're welcome. So are you planning to make a new game? If yes, I would really look forward to it.

i'll be finishing this game off next.


Lovely game. It's so cute. I'll be sure to play it.

Hello! You know... I thought since I played your game it would be a necessity for me to tell you about my game. It would be a pleasure if you tried it out. It's an RPG game and it's called the Necropolis Demo Version and it's free. Of course it's up to you on whether you will play it. I just felt that I  had to tell you. After that it is your choice of course.